About iJoomla.com

The Best Joomla App Development FirmiJoomla.com is the winner of "The Best Joomla App Development Firm" award at the 2010 CMS Expo.

At iJoomla, we combine open source with professional standards. Our developers are all experienced, full-time professionals dedicated to producing Joomla components that take Joomla sites to the next level. While other developers are limited to weekend coding and occasional debugging, our staff are constantly working to improve your site.

The quality of our work is seen in its usability, its design and its functionality. All our commercial components come with first rate technical support. If you've got a question about one of our components, a member of our team will be back with an answer in no time at all. Ultimately, our goal is to create a new standard for the Joomla community: top quality components with professional service for a very low price.

Merav Knafo

Merav KnafoFounder & Product Designer

Merav is a pioneer in the Joomla world. She founded iJoomla.com back in 2005 and has released some of the most successful commercial Joomla extensions in the world. Merav specializes in creating complex applications that are powerful, but easy-to-use.

Her goal is to provide a great component for a reasonable price and to make iJoomla.com the leading commercial Joomla development company.

When she’s not wrapped in a CMS, she likes to watch Indie movies and go to the gym.

Bryan Lamb

Bryan Lamb, CTOCTO

Bryan has 20 years of experience in software engineering resulting from diverse SQA & development roles at companies such as Apple Computer, Macromedia, Yahoo, Experian,and several smaller private companies. He will be contributing strategic guidance to the development team, encouraging technical excellence, and leading the effort to instill robust quality processes throughout the software development lifecycle.

During those rare moments when he's not working, he enjoys time with his family, fitness, tropical destinations, digital photography & video production, writing & recording music in his home studio, exotic cars, and has a notable fascination with high-rise buildings around the world.

Ricardo Corai

Ricardo CoraiCustomer Support

Ricardo is an expert in the CMS world. He knows all about CMS and can explain in painstaking detail the difference between Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and others. He is also an expert not just in iJoomla Extensions, but also in all the Joomla Extensions -- he edited our extensions directory. Ricardo now runs our forum and is helping iJoomla customers get the most out of their extensions. Ricardo lives in Argentina, speaks English and Spanish and we are very happy to have him on board our virtual company.

Alin D

Alin DLead Developer

Alin is a very experienced developer who has been programming PHP with his brother Sorin for years. They have two other programmers on their staff and they all work full time for iJoomla, creating amazing extensions of the highest quality. Alin and his team are also in charge of technical support. That puts them right on hand should a user discover a bug so that they can fix it quickly for the next release. Alin lives in Romania, is married and has two children.


Dean Shanson

Dean ShansonWriter & Editor

Dean Shanson is iJoomla's editor and content writer. He has created user-friendly copy for countless websites, run several online magazines and written engaging articles for both Web and print magazines on topics ranging from international trade to AdSense optimization to online dating.

He ghostwrites books and columns for several well-known marketing gurus and recently saw one ghostwritten work become Amazon's best-selling business book. Dean currently runs www.constantconversions.com, a content creation company specializing in newsletter and magazine content.

Why iJoomla?

iJoomla, voted "The Best Joomla Apps Developers" in 2010 CMS Expo. We are the leading provider of Joomla extensions, Joomla Modules, Joomla plugins and Joomla components for Joomla 1.5, Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.0. 

Our most popular commercial extensions included: Guru (Joomla LMS), iJoomla Ad Agency (Joomla Banners Extension) iJoomla DigiStore (Joomla eCommerce), iJoomla SEO (Component for Joomla SEO), iJoomla Surveys (for creating Joomla Surveys) and more! 

We also provide free Joomla modules on our free Joomla downloads section.

All our Joomla extensions are well developed, fully supported and well documented.