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  1. yves
  2. General, Sales & Billing
  3. Tuesday, 21 November 2017
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About Guru, I have a few questions to see if it can fit my needs.
I have a JS installation (4.5) which is multilingual and multi-profiles.
How is added the Guru plugins on top an existing installation like that one?
1- can you keep the usual way the wall/JS works and then add in parallel the Guru functionalities? (not all JS members may be concerned by the LMS activities or may not have right to access them)
2- Does the multi-profile function announced in the blog post have been added and function correctly? if yes, can we use JS profile which are already existing on the JS installation or are those be obligatory part of a profile within the Student group/profile?
3- If the multi-profile function works as in point 2, can we differentiate questions and content of the course depending on the profile for the students (in the student category/group I assume that you can have different JS profiles concerned: so does the content or the quiz can be governed within one lesson or one course depending on the JS profile?)?
4- Multilingual: how is it taken into consideration for the structure and the content of a course/lesson and attachements?
5- How the sharing of libraries of courses, lessons, media and quizzes is shared amongst teachers?
6- is it possible to create the equivalence of separated "schools" within one website?

I will stop for the main questions for now... :-)
These answers can convince me to take the opportunity of this Black Friday offer. :-)

Accepted Answer
Michal Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
HI, Yves.

Thank you for contacting us.

Yes, you just install Guru plugins to get new features in your Joomla! and JomSocial (still you'll need to enable them and do slight configuration).

1. Guru JS stream plugin will display Guru activities like "user enrolled to the course" or "user get certificate". You may use them as a course advertisement ;) All users have access to course and lesson list so don't worry that you'll get any errors.

2. No, this feature was abandoned... but we'll think about it again in nearest future... :) Your members will need to register as Student anyway.

3. -

4. Courses are displayed in language they ware created and won't be translated with Joomla! language switch. If you want to provide the same course in few different languages, you'll need to create content in each language separately.

5. A kind of... you may utilize categories as "schools" and redirect your users with menu items to them.

Let me know if you'll have more question - I'll be happy to answer :)
yves Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thank you Michal
this is clear.
unfortunately, I am looking for the point 2... So I may wait for it.
Kind regards
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