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  1. Andy
  2. Guru
  3. Tuesday, 23 January 2018
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When viewing Teacher View > Students > Click on Stats for student "Garreth White"
This shows the student has complete 1/17 of the available quizzes. But this is incorrect as Garreth has completed & passed 16 of the 17 quizzes - see attached screenshots.

Initially, I thought this was just an error & that it means he has 1 quiz left to do, as has completed 16/17, but then noticed all students show as having complete one quiz, regardless of how many they have completed.

Another example is the student "Carl Corby". He shows as completed 1/18 quizzes, but has actually completed and passed all 18?

Feel free to use the admin details I sent to check this. The Admin URL in the "Site Details" is a copy of the live site, running latest version of Guru

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