• Guru

    Turn your knowledge into dollars!

    Guru is the #1 Joomla LMS today! Create a school, university or online courses easily and effortlessly!

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  • JomSocial

    Create your own Social Network today!

    JomSocial is the #1 community extension for Joomla! It allows you to easily create a social network in your Joomla site within minutes!

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  • Publisher

    Create a stunning magazine or news portal easily!

    The Ultimate Publishing Platformfor Joomla! Create a news portal like CNN, FOX News, or a Magazine like TIME Magazine.

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  • iJoomla SEO

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    Become a search engine magnet and get your life back with this powerful Joomla SEO extension!

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  • Ad Agency

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  • Guru
  • JomSocial
  • Publisher
  • iJoomla SEO
  • Ad Agency

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Why iJoomla?

iJoomla, voted "The Best Joomla Apps Developers" in 2010 CMS Expo. We are the leading provider of Joomla extensions, Joomla Modules, Joomla plugins and Joomla components for Joomla 1.5, Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.0. 

Our most popular commercial extensions included: Guru (Joomla LMS), iJoomla Ad Agency (Joomla Banners Extension) iJoomla DigiStore (Joomla eCommerce), iJoomla SEO (Component for Joomla SEO), iJoomla Surveys (for creating Joomla Surveys) and more! 

We also provide free Joomla modules on our free Joomla downloads section.

All our Joomla extensions are well developed, fully supported and well documented.

Random Testimonial

"iJoomla is the best!"

"I purchased Ad Agency, SEO and Survey for my new site democracytalks.com which I launched on election day. Ad Agency was simply easy to set up and configure. I added default ads using affiliate links and set up packages, zones and an advertiser sign up page- ALL IN ONE NIGHT.

I have started to configure SEO and the video tutorials on all the products is the easiest way to get started. With a little effort the products can be completed. I've still a little work to do there, but I also purchased the Survey package and hope to work on that shortly. I think that if you are considering any product like these, iJoomla is the place to get them.
I'll get the RSS Feeder (free) once the download link works.

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for a great job. This endorsement was not solicited."