MediaPass for Joomla!

MediaPass for Joomla!

For Joomla 1.5 & 2.5
$ 0.00

Turns website visitors into paying subscribers

Main features:

  • Add MediaPass automatically to articles of chosen categories.
  • Choose which part of the article will be covered by the subscription box. You can cover the entire article or only the text that comes after the “read more” tag.
  • Add the MediaPass manually to individual articles using tags.
  • Set the pricingfor the subscription plans through .
  • Customize your messaging and logo on the subscription box, also through access.
  • View reports on .

And it even works for video too!

Create an instant teaser by showing the MediaPass subscription box after a few seconds of your video. To see the rest of the video, viewers have to pay for a subscription. Just add the MediaPass video code and decide how much of the film you need to show to land paid subscriptions. Easy!

MediaPass is totally free to use and set up. However, publishers split the revenue with MediaPass (65% for publisher-35% for MediaPass). MediaPass handles payments, customer support, security and more.


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