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One big advantage of using Joomla to develop a website is its ease-of-use. But that doesn't mean you're never going to run into problems. Fortunately, whether you're a newbie wondering how to install a template or an advanced user who wants help hacking the source code, that help is never far away.  

In fact, it's the easy availability of Joomla help and the willingness of developers to lend a hand to anyone who wants it, to dish out good advice and to talk people through a problem that makes the  Joomla community  so friendly.


The first place to look for that help is at Joomla's own help site.

The site provides general information and can send the lost in the right direction.   But to solve specific problems, such as why your site isn't working or how you can build the kind of directory you need, you'll want to ask for help at the forums.


There are plenty of those. Again, Joomla's own forum is a good place to start, but you can also call for help at, or any of the dozens of other places where Joomla developers hang out and share their knowledge. 

Why iJoomla?

With 10 years in Joomla, iJoomla is one of the most respected providers for Joomla extensions. Our most popular extension is JomSocial, it powers hundreds of thousand social communities. We stand out with the uncompromising quality of products, documentations, professional support and testing automation.

Random Testimonial

  • "I do like to recognize good service when it happens"

    Jeffrey W. Hunter

    "I wanted to thank you for the quality of your support team.  Rob and Alin are the ones I’ve been working with lately and I have to say that I’m very happy with their response times and general concern about helping the customer get problems resolved.  Never a complaint – only quality support.  I’m sure you all are fully invested in what you do, but I do like to recognize good service when it happens.  Please pass this on to the team…"

  • "iJoomla components can to turn a so so website into a powerful user friendly site"

    Brian Yanish

    "iJoomla components can to turn a so so website into a powerful user friendly site, both on the front end and the admin. I've used different components for my clients website including: Search & Archive, Ad Agency, RSS Feeder, SEO, News Portal. iJoomla support is A+"

  • "iJoomla is the best!"


    "I purchased Ad Agency, SEO and Survey for my new site which I launched on election day. Ad Agency was simply easy to set up and configure. I added default ads using affiliate links and set up packages, zones and an advertiser sign up page- ALL IN ONE NIGHT.

    I have started to configure SEO and the video tutorials on all the products is the easiest way to get started. With a little effort the products can be completed. I've still a little work to do there, but I also purchased the Survey package and hope to work on that shortly. I think that if you are considering any product like these, iJoomla is the place to get them.

    I'll get the RSS Feeder (free) once the download link works.

    THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for a great job. This endorsement was not solicited."

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