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  1. Stephen
  2. Guru
  3. Monday, 28 August 2017
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Is there a way to download what certificates were issued for each course? I know if you go to the course, click on the number of students, all of the students who are enrolled in the course are listed. And if the course is completed, it shows that information in the progress column. Is there a way to download the information that id displayed on the screen? The export function does not show the course or the current status for the student. (Only the student information - name, username, email, etc - is in the export information. There is no information about the course and the student's status in the course.)

How can we view the certificates that are issued to students? Is this functionality available on the front-end or back-end? I have not been able to find that.

Is there a way to export the results from a quiz? I know the results can be viewed, but I was wondering if those results can be exported.

Can reports be scheduled to run from a scheduler or are they all manual? Example, is there a way to run a report showing all of the students who signed up for classes the previous month and have that report emailed out to the admin?

Thank you for your help and information,
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