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  1. Rod
  2. Guru
  3. Sunday, 23 July 2017
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The PromoCode only works for one order item even when multiple courses are selected in the PromoCode setup.

Example. I set up a PromoCode to give 100% discount on all courses.
I created a new order on the back end
I selected first course Price $1
I selected the code, Discount price showed $1 Total showed $0
I then selected the next course, Price $1
The discount remained at $1 and the total rose to $1
Again another course added to the order for $1
Again the discount remained at $1 and the total rose by another $1. I continued for 10 courses but the total rose to $9, the discount remaining at just $1, effectively 100% or one course, not of the total.

I cancelled the order and created a new order adding 10 courses for $1 each
Selected the discount code which just showed $1 and the total showed $9

However the generated INVOICE DOES show the correct discount. It appears to be just during the order process that the display is incorrect. Please see attached screen shot.

The only way to sell 10 courses with 100% discount is to generate 10 orders.

It would be better, to allow ZERO values to be given in the pricing plan but this is not possible as the system does not allow zero value to be saved and I do not want to give the courses FREE to all students.

Is there some background code I can change to correct this error?
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