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Ad Agency and Publisher updated for New feature, improvements and bug fixes

ad agency joomla extension updated for video ads
This weekend we are releasing Joomla ad extension: Ad Agency 6.1.0 for Video types ads, improvements and bug fixes and Publisher 3.0.20 Joomla extension for bug fixes.
Ad Agency Joomla extension helps support all major ad types: Standard Banners, Flash Banners, HTML5 ads, Floating Ads, Pop-Up Ads,  Ad Code and Text Ads. that you can sell and publish on your websites. The New Ad type – Video will complete this ad package to publish videos ads.

New Ad Type – Videos:

Videos Ads play an important role in promotions for a startup business, events, etc. to promote all the details message in video format. Ad Agency 6.1.0 introduces the new options for this. You can add Videos from Popular videos provide youtube, Vimeo, Myspace or from any other video source using either the Video URL or the embed code.

If you have a video on your local system, Ad Agency allows you to upload the video files in .mp4 media format.
On each Play of video you can see the click rates in agency report view, this helps you to make Ad package based on impressions or Clicks.

How to add a Video Ad :

To add a Video type, you must have the latest version 6.1.0 installed on your Joomla site.
Open Components > Ad Agency > Add New Ads > Video.

ad agency video ads for joomla

Video Ad will give 3 types of option to submit an Ad.

  • Upload Ad via Link: Add the video URL link
  • Add Video HTML Code: Add custom HTML iframe code
  • Upload local video: upload Mp4 videos from your local PC.

Frontend View to upload Video Ad:
Frontend View to upload Video Ad


Once an Ad is successfully uploaded and assigned to an Ad Zone, it will appear on the frontend.

Things To Note :

  • A New Ad Zone must be Added for Video types Ad.
  • You must create a new package for Video Ad Type.
  • A Campaign must be added for Video type Ad Zone.

More Improvement :

Ad Agency Latest version support JomSocial steam ads for Jomsocial Page Features.
jomsocial pages ads
Now you can also assign the Jomsocial stream ads in Jomsocial Pages.
Checkout JomSocial New Page feature here

  • Support Jomsocial Pages ads
  • Sort ad by publish date in ad manager
  • Add target URL for banner
  • Expire date on ad packages for users
  • Single slash in image ad URL] – add a counter in ad agency
  • Counter no, on the dashboard page
  • Should change camera icon to video icon

Bug Fixes

  • Geo-targeting: Channel parameters validate
  • Modified Banner Ad Admin Email Link Issue
  • Feature Request: Add Display Publish and Unpublish Dates to Packages
  • MIME Type errors on Remote Ads Module – Ads Manager Pro
  • Got css error when add price on the package page
  • Got error when clicking the preview button
  • Can’t edit ads on the frontend
  • View package should show be displayed on the popup
  • Cant show video ads on the preview link
  • Cant create JS Page after install ad agency component

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Publisher 3.0.20 Released for an improvement and bug fixes

  • Improvement: Article Status Sync
  • Error when save media in Publisher
  • Default Author Image not showing on author profile page
  • Delete Media not working via frontend
  • Publisher videos not working
  • Media Manager: Got error on Audio and Gallery types when previewing
  • Article: Notice error when adding new media
  • Warning error on Home page
  • Frontend: Notice error on Specific Video/Audio/Gallery pages
  • Audio category page is a missing style
  • Backend: Got a warning when search article

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