What's your refund policy?

Because our business model allows purchasers to download fully operational, non-copy-protected software, we cannot provide refunds on purchased products.

Under no circumstances iJoomla.com will provide refunds on "your software is not what I need" basis.

Finding a bug in our products is not a reason for a refund. If you do find bugs, please report them so that we can fix them.

In the event of a mistake purchase, please report this to our billing department using our ticketing system. In order to evaluate our products, please  test them on our demo server. If you are uncertain of a specific feature, please ask a presale question or read the product documentation.

iJoomla.com reserves the right to approve refunds in the following cases ONLY:

  • upgrade to a different license type of the same product within 30 days of the purchase date
  • product purchase error if the product was NOT downloaded

Refunded amount is subjected to the following rules:

  • if the amount is below $25 US, $2 US is retained
  • if the amount is above $25 US, 10% of the total amount is retained

For all other issues that don't fall into the categories above, please contact our billing department using our ticketing system.

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