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The Best Joomla LMS! Guru 5.1.18 updated for SCORM supports and 30+ improvements & bug fixes

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New version of Guru Joomla LMS extension is updated for major new feature: SCORM eLearning platform support and 30+ new features, improvements & bug fixes.

1. New Feature: SCORM eLearning platform support

What is SCORM?

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a set of technical standards for eLearning products. It provides the communication method and data models that allow eLearning content and LMSs to work together. It tells programmers how to write code so that what they build will “play well” with other eLearning software. SCORM is the most widely used eLearning standard available.

How SCORM works with GURU?

By integrating SCORM, administrator and teacher can add new scorm ZIP files in any course lesson from back-end and front-end.


We added one panel to manage SCORM files. From back-end, access the Scorm menu item then you can create new scorm file. For each SCORM file, you have to assign it to specific teacher and a course of the teacher. Then the scorm file will be only available to be added in lessons from assigned course.

Here are simple steps to add SCORM file in one lesson course:

  • From back-end, go to Guru > Scorm menu item
  • Add new scorm file.
  • Access the Course management panel, open the course to add lessons with SCORM File.
  • Add lesson details (name, level…) and most important select the “Scorm” layout, from General Tab.
  • Select “Scorm” button then select a SCORM file from assigned to this course.
  • If you don’t have already a scorm file for the course, you can click on “New Scorm” and create a SCORM file for the course and add to the lesson.
  • Open the course page in front-end, as a student, and in that course lesson, you can see the Scorm content.


  • The SCORM file is stored in the directory: site root folder/media/scorm, and the lessons extracted from that zip in this directory: site root/media/scorm/lessons/[LESSON-ID]/[SCORM-ZIP-NAME]
  • The saved details for lessons and scrom files is stored in Guru database tables.

See how the feature work in action.

Create SCORM files on front-end:

On front-end, teacher can add SCORM files for lessons for their courses.

  • Log in front-end with teacher account.
  • Go to teacher dashboard, and there is a new menu item – Scorm.
  • Teacher can add/edit/delete scorm files from that page and the scorm files added are available only for that teacher.
  • Go to “Courses” page and edit tree for one course.
  • Add new lesson or edit a lesson already created.
  • From “Layout” tab, select Scorm icon, and then select a scorm file or you can create a new scorm in lesson page.

See how the feature work in action.

2. More new features, improvements and bug fixes

The new version of Guru comes with multiple new features, improvements and bug fixes, check more details below:

New Features

  • Implement Projects Results in back-end.
  • Add GURU custom fields for registration form
  • Data in time column
  • Guru and JomSocial Groups


  • Mask the password and secret key in Paypal pro
  • Lession should be removed right after clicking on delete icon
  • Should not allow to create duplicate lesson
  • Update language for Continue button

Bug fixes

  • Missing order option in backend for queeze question in file
  • Got warning error while saving lesson
  • Got warning error when select quizze
  • Cant upload file on lesson with project layout
  • Got warning error on Course category page
  • Can not reorder questions
  • Got warning error on students list take the quiz
  • Got error when remove and reselect quiz
  • Got warning error when there is no quiz in a course
  • Create new quiz button is not working on the frontend
  • Tabs in Final exam are not actived
  • Filter by quizzes type is not working
  • [Media] Auto play video is not working
  • [Media] Can not create new media on the frontend
  • [Media] Media filter works incorrectly after saving media
  • [Media] Got notice error when select article media
  • [Lesson] Cant show all lesson, should add scrollbar when there are many lessons
  • [Lesson] Got warning error when select project for lesson
  • [Media] Cant edit audio on the frontend
  • [Commissions] Export function is not working
  • [Fields] Typing mistake on create new field form
  • [Course] Can not play audio when the lesson is loaded
  • [Course] Got error duplicate entry after edit a lesson
  • [Quiz] Can not add question for quiz on the frontend
  • [Media] Got warning error on media library page
  • [Quiz] Audio is displaying not nice on the quiz page
  • [Custom field] Got error message after saving custom field

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