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Big changes are coming to iJoomla

iJoomla has been around since 2005. Since then we’ve released more than 20 different extensions and served many thousands of satisfied customers.
We’ve learned a lot in that time but we’re always learning more, adapting to the market and adjusting to our customers’ needs. Now we feel it’s time to make some big changes that will take us to the next level.

iJoomla goes Light

Many people have asked us over the years whether our products have a ‘trial version.’ Until now, the answer was… “no.” No longer.

Now, we do have Light versions and they’re not trial versions. They’re actual, useful products that you can use as long as you want. They never expire.

So what’s a Light version?

A Light version of an iJoomla product has fewer features and some limitations. For example, Guru Light restricts the number of courses you can create; Publisher Light restricts the number of issues you can create. Most of the features though are usable, enjoyable and in place.

Light versions are FREE

You can download any of our Light versions for free. There’s no commitment so you can try them out, use them, play with them and enjoy them. If the Light version is enough for your needs, that’s great. If you find you need a Pro version, you can always upgrade later.

Which products have a Light version?

Light versions are available for:

You can download the Light versions here or buy the pro versions here.

Why doesn’t JomSocial have a Light version?

JomSocial is the most complex of all of our extensions, and at the moment we’re focused on developing version 3.3. We aren’t working on a Light version of JomSocial for now but we might create one in the future.

iJoomla Surveys and iJoomla SideBars go FREE!

We loved working on iJoomla Surveys and iJoomla SideBars but it’s time to let them go. We’d rather focus our time and effort on developing our bigger and more complex extensions. We won’t be developing them further for Joomla 3. People who use Joomla 2.5 can now enjoy them for free.

Tight integration with JomSocial


Since JomSocial is our most popular product and has such amazing integration capabilities, we’re going to be integrating it with all our products.

This is a process that we started even before taking over the JomSocial product but having all the extensions under one roof will make the integration so much easier!

Standardized admin and front end

Ad Agency Dashboard

All our products now have the same beautiful admin interface. It really is the nicest design in the Joomla world: super user-friendly and easy on the eyes. It’s great.

All our products (except for JomSocial) also have the same front-end design with the same style and the same toolbar. That consistency is helpful when you combine more than one of our products.

Focus, commitment, reliability

Our aim with all these changes it to reach out to a lot more users who never had the opportunity to experience our products. We also want to focus our efforts on our most important products and make them as good as they can be.

It’s been eight years since our Joomla product, iJoomla Magazine, was launched but it feels like we’re just getting started! Let’s make this the best year ever for iJoomla and our customers.



Merav Knafo is the founder and CEO of iJoomla, Inc. She loves writing about Joomla, usability and Social Networking.

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    Good to see that you are offering light versions from now on. Not everybody needs all functionality, and now they have a choice.

    But why aren’t you developing iJoomla Surveys anymore? I paid a lot of money for an unlimited license and now development has stopped.


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      Merav Knafo


      Ewoud, it’s a simple math of demands and supply and our inability to focus well on so many products. We’re happy to offer you a credit on our store for future use and I am sorry if this has created a problem for you.


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    Hi Merav, Thanks for your reply.I probably want to renew my ISeo subscription, so maybe we can work something out?