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Guru 4 Has Landed!

It’s been a while since we told you what we’ve been up to with Guru. We’ve been up to some pretty big stuff.

We’ve implemented some of the most requested features that people have asked for, and we’ve re-designed it with a new, modern look. It was worth the wait — and it’s out now.

What’s new?

We’ve squished a lot of bugs and added a bunch of great new features. We’ve removed bootstrap and we remade the frontend in UIkit to ensure greater speed, better compatibility and lower weight.

We’ve also introduced course categories let you assign multiple teachers to each course. Pretty good, huh?

The main focus of this upgrade, though, has been on quizzes.

They’re outstanding. If you want to see the changelog, go here.

New Quiz Types

Until now, you’ve been able to create quizzes in Guru in any way you wanted — as long as what you wanted was a simple multiple choice.

Now you have four different options.
<3h>Multiple Choice
One question with several possible correct answers.

Single Choice

One question with just one correct answer among the choices.

True / False

A question with just two possible answers. Student must choose whether the answer is true or false.


A question to which students have to write their own answer.

While multiple choice quizzes can be marked automatically, essays will need to be checked by teachers themselves. And because they’re more demanding of students, teachers can now give them greater weight in the marking scheme.

Whenever a student completes an essay, teachers are notified by email and can see in their panels any quizzes waiting to be marked. After marking, students receive an email and can check their scores.

New Quiz Features

In addition to new types of quiz, we’ve also enhanced the quizzes with some fantastic new features.

Question Weight

Assigning different weights to different questions lets teachers make some questions more important than others. A quiz made up of five multiple choice tests and an essay, for example, can now be weighted so that the essay makes up 50 percent of the total score.

Media Embedding In Questions

Embed media into a question and you can ask students to watch a short film or look at a picture before you ask them about the content.

Media Embedding In Answers

Put media into the answers and students will be able to choose an image or a piece of film to reply to a question.

New Quiz Creation Design

To make all these changes easy to use, we’ve completely re-modeled the quiz creation process. It’s simple, clean and intuitive.

I need this in my life… and I have an active license!

You’re a winner. Now just head straight to your account on iJoomla.com and download your prize. (It’s Guru 4).

Cool! How do I upgrade?

You’ve got a couple of options.

You can download the package from your account at iJoomla.com then upload and install it at the backend of your site > Extensions > Extension Manager.


You can just go to the Backend > Components > iJoomla Installer and click the ‘Upgrade’ button. That’s just easier.

Aw… if only my license hadn’t expired.

You’re in luck. If your license expired we’ll give you a discount on the renewal. You’ll get 20% off the regular price.

All you need to do is login to your account at iJoomla.com and click the renew button next to Guru.



I need this in my life but I don’t have a license!

Then we’ll give you a license. Okay, we’ll sell you a license but the price will be a giveaway because we’ll take 20% off for you. You’ll need to move fast though, because we’re not going to hold this discount for long.


All you need to do is click the BUY TODAY! button below and use the following promo code:



Promo code expires on Thursday, June 18th at midnight PST so don’t wait. Get the latest version of Guru now.

Please note that all new features for guru are for Joomla! 3.X versions. New Guru features are not supported for Joomla! 2.X versions.

Thank you

I’d like to personally thank you for using Guru and making this entire project possible. If it wasn’t for your support Guru would be no more than great idea. So, again, thank you for using Guru and I hope you’ll enjoy the latest version.

Comments? Questions?

Please leave them below.

Eric Tracz

Eric has been active with Joomla since 2010 and joined JomSocial in January 2012 where his patience teaching English has proved invaluable for customer service. Thanks to Merav he's learned a lot and worked his way up from support to Project Management. Not afraid of Scrum and does not know the meaning of 'giving up'. He’s a keen cook and, as a science fiction fan, is easily distracted by lasers.

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    Very good job i hope now you will change a bit and release more frequently bug fix releases rest is fine thank you