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  1. Dana
  2. Ad Agency
  3. Saturday, 11 November 2017
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I’m a new Ad Agency purchaser and I’m new to Joomla as well. I desire to sell exclusive advertising by zip code (hence, I am very excited about the geo-targeting by zip code option). I would like there to be only one ad on the web site (it's a game), but since I’m selling exclusive exposure by zip code, I'm essentially selling zip codes. I will price each zip code according to its population and other demographics, but I’m trying to determine how to use Ad Agency to do this. If I were to sell a zip code as its own package, I would end up with thousands of packages, which doesn't seem very efficient. Better yet, if I could sell a particular package and make each advertiser select a zip code as part of the package, I would still need to let other advertisers who want the same zip code know that the zip code they desire is not currently available. This would allow them to choose another zip code. If, however, they don’t want another zip code, it would be great if I could allow them to put the desired zip code on a wish list and be notified if it became available in the future. Can you help point me in the right direction? I want to use Ad Agency to its fullest potential, but, if for some reason I can’t do everything I want with Ad Agency, I’d like some direction about how I can supplement Ad Agency with something else to achieve my objective. Thanks much.

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