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Resolved Lead capture

  1. G.
  2. General, Sales & Billing
  3. Thursday, 28 September 2017
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I want to make a joomla based industrial directory. I would like to use a lead capture tool. Do you recommend AdAgency for this? Will it (eventually) be possible to direct the leads coming in into a CRM? The directory will have X number of membership listings. The success of the directory will be totally dependent upon how successful I also will be in creating leads on every membership page so that members also benefit from leads they may receive directly on their membership page. Do you have any ideas how to achieve this? Can you recommend a good joomla directory to me?
Kind regards
Accepted Answer
Michal Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Thank you for contacting us.
AdAgency is not a directory but and ad server. It allows you to display advertisements on the site like banners etc.
If you need a directory extension, please, check on JED:

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