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Resolved Problem with coruse passed show

GURU Active
  1. Roger
  2. Guru
  3. Friday, 01 December 2017
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I hava big big problem.. long time
and I have no idea how we can solve this

so PLS I need our helping..

I have a course... and I need info which user has done this course or not

when I go to panel.. I see this

Print Screen

I have only one course with exam...

but this course show under completed nein = means NO but when you check Final Exam Score / Score To Pass then the course is done..

we have pay second yeahr this addon.. its a good one.. but I have so problem to check which user has done the course

i must have 300% garantee which user has done this course.. with done I mean passed..

So pleas can you helping me.. I need this infor for external consult...

its not first time that I ask...

thank you so much..

what you need from me regards Roger
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