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Resolved Proper Documentation

GURU Active AdAgency Expired
  1. Kevin Morrison
  2. Guru
  3. Saturday, 22 July 2017
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It would be fantastic if we could get some detailed documentation for this $300 extension! Currently the only thing available is some grossly outdated videos that do very little to get someone up to speed with all the features of this extension. This is probably why I now have a ton of courses and quizzes that wont work because there was insufficient documentations to help me properly set it up. That and the lack of a forum which you have now and a support system that gets totally ignored.

While I really do think this LMS is great, due to the extremely poor support, the idea that if I want to access the video lessons for it I have to fork out another $40 and just overall up to this point dismal support I would not be able to give this extension more than 3 stars if it was listed on the JED, which does raise a red flag why it is not there but that is another question for another day.

Please, please, please.... get us some useful documentation for this otherwise stellar extension. Otherwise answer why it costs so much?
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