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  1. Clint
  2. Guru
  3. Friday, 23 February 2018
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I had this problem in a previous release and one of your developers fixed it in the guru code. I resisted updating because I wasn't sure if it would be fixed and sure enough it looks like it's not (I just updated to 5.0.17). Here is the problem:

If a student attempts to purchase a course but they end up not buying it, then the course goes into pending. If that student then comes back and purchases the course, the system ends the students subscription on the date when they finally purchase it.

So for example: I had a student attempt to purchase a course on 2/06/2018 but decided not to, and so the course went into pending. They then came back and purchased the course on 2/22/2018. When they logged in, they saw a message that the course had already expired. I went into the database and in the table that has the purchases, the date purchased was 2/06/2018 and the date of expiration was 2/22/2018 (this is a five week course).

Can you please resolve this problem or tell me how to resolve it, as it has happened twice with two different users since we upgraded.


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