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Ad Agency 6.0.21 updated for bug fixes of Geo-Targeting

Ad Agency 6.0.21 updated for bug fixes of Geo-Targeting

Our Joomla Advertising extension: Ad Agency Pro 6.0.21 updated for bug fixes of Geo-Targeting.

Ad Agency is the best advertising extension for Joomla! It helps generate income from your traffic by creating an advertising program. Ad Agency supports all major ad types: Standard Banners, Flash Banners, HTML5 ads, Floating Ads, Pop-Up and Pop-Under Ads, Ad Code and Text Ads.

About Geo-Targeting:

Geo-Targeting allows advertisers to display ads based on the geographic area of the viewer and helps to ensure that their ads are local, their products are reachable and the ad appears in the reader’s language. For example, a restaurant owner would only want to show his ads to people within his catchment area. Another plus is that an advertiser in Europe can create different ads for different countries, showing the right language based on the geo-targeting data.

We fixed 2 issues for Geo-Targeting in this version.

Since Maxmind changed the data files for location, this leads to Geolocation fields working issues. We fixed the issue by adding the latest code to support the latest support for City, country, PHAR and zip list.

Release changelog

Bug fixes:

  • Maxmind city file no longer exist
  • Got installation error when drag and drop package to install


  • module rotate refresh time

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