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Joomla LMS Extension – Guru 5.2.1 updated for new features, improvements and bug fixes

Joomla LMS Extension Guru 5.2.1 released

Today we are releasing a Major release for Joomla LMS ExtensionGuru 5.2.1 for new 2checkhout payment plugin, file privacy, improved Jomscial integration with 12 new improvements and bug fixes.

New Features:

1. 2Checkout Payment Plugin: A New Payment plugin for Guru introduced in this release with 2 checkout payment options. You can download this plugin from here. Install the plugin and set it as default from Guru > Finance > Payment options.

2. Privacy for files: In Guru LMS you can attach the files in the course for students, The privacy of the files was public and any user can download the files, With this release, if you are a student and logged in, only in this case you can download this file.

3. Guru – Events: Guru support Integration with JomSocial extension, With this release, it will be more compatible with JomSocial user points, If you have JomSocial installed, you can add user points in JomSocial users based on the Guru activities for :
– Create a course
– Delete a course
– Purchase a course

4. Course review only by Super Admin: When you add a new course on-site using Superuser account access, you can preview the course in frontend and as well as on backend to see how it will look for the students. A New preview button is added and visible for Super Admin.


  1. Page title SEO improvements: Guru course menu item support browser page title from Joomla menu.
  2. The free course should not show 00 in the price: If you set a course is free for a user group, it will be shown as free not show the 00 in price.
  3. Add company Name value variable: A new Certificate variable – [STUDENT_COMPANY] that can be used in the certificates, Students will need to enter the company name in the profile to get this name on their certificates.
  4. Login Logout redirections: Guru provides two types of a login form on
    Site. For each type of login, you can set the login and logout redirections in Guru.
    – For Student login/logout redirections open Guru >> Student > Registration and add the login and logout URL based on requirements.
    – For teachers login/logout redirections open Guru >> Teachers > Settings, and add the login and logout URL.
  5. Collapsible menu for dashboard items: Guru dashboard menu items are not responsive, the dashboard menu item will be an auto collapse in a dropdown menu for the small screen to get a better user interface. Also, On the backend, we added a new option to hide/show the student’s dashboard menu items. You can show/hide the menu item from Guru >> Setting >> General tab
  6. Allow admin to change the order of course: Once a course is saved on backend the order value could not be changed, except the teacher, of course, will change it from the frontend. With this release of Guru, admin has more control: he can change the order from backend as well.
  7. Display category of a course in “my courses” list: When a student login on frontend > my course view, he can see which course belongs to which category, This will help to avoid confusion if the same name of the courses used for different categories.
  8. Translate Unlimited in courses: Unlimited course value is added in the translation file, to translate it for different languages.
  9. New options in Date formate: More options added for Date/Time formatting for Guru.
  10. Close all’ instead of ‘+Show all: On Course pages, the lesson will show in open state, now you can choose whether you want to show all or hide by default from  Guru – Settings >> Layouts >> Course Page.

Bug Fixes :

  • JCE editor layout issue on the backend
  • Hide FB and Twitter link in the teacher profile

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