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Ad Agency 6.1.1 Updated for new feature, Improvements and bug fixes!

Ad Agency 6.1.1 Updated for new feature, Improvements and bug fixes!
This weekend we are releasing Joomla ad extension: Ad Agency 6.1.1 for improved Ad reports panel, Ad rotation and HTML5 ad improvement and bug fixes.
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Reports Page :

Ad Agency provides an advanced report panel to the analysis of active/inactive ads with the review earned for the period of time with the selected filter. The report panel gives the following information :

  • Active/Inactive Advertisers
  • Active/Inactive Campaigns
  • Active/Inactive Ads
  • Revenue Earned Last Month/This Month
  • Most Paying Advertiser
  • Highest Click Ratio Ad
  • Most/Least Successful Campaigns
  • Data Export

With the release of Ad Agency 6.1.1 an advertiser will get a more comfortable way to export the advertisement reports. You can log as an advertiser in front-end, and on “Reports” page you can see a new section on top page – Header Report Pdf Result

ad agency joomla extension report export

You can add HTML code in that section, and the content added, will be integrated into PDF report content.
Also, the advertiser can report all campaigns, not campaign by campaign and above the chart, the advertiser will see the total sum for impressions, clicks, and CTR for all days from that chart.


  • Ad rotation improvement ( Changes for rotation time seconds improved with respect to page scroll)
  • HTML5 AD URL not mandatory ( Condition to add a mandatory URL is removed)

Bug fixes:

  • Backend: The module order is not updated when changing the position
  • Can not see position when clicking “preview with position” link
  • Auto-Renew ad not working

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