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Guru 5.1.15 updated for new payment plugin, improvement and bug fixes

guru 5.1.15 updates released
This weekend iJoomla team released updates for Joomla LMS Extension: Guru 5.1.15. This release has major improvements in the payment section and Teachers section. Guru 5.1.15 comes with a new Payment plugin : Paypal Pro, certificate view for teachers with an improvement and 5 bug fixes.
Please Check release info below:

New payment plugin

1. Paypal Pro

Guru introduced a new payment plugin for PayPal payments, Before Guru supports PayPal plugin that required users to have a PayPal account, Paypal Pro payment plugin allows to pay directly from the credit card without PayPal accounts, It will give a hassle-free buying experience.

guru 5.1.15 update for paypal pro payment plugin

New Feature and improvement

2. Strip Payment plugin updated

Strip payment plugin is updated for providing additional user details, So when user will pay using strip he needs to provide his name, addresses information, that makes the payments more secure.

guru 5.1.15 updates for strip payment plugin

Now Guru has a total of 8 payment plugins including Paypal and offline payment plugin that comes with Guru installation package. Additional 5 payment plugin can be downloaded from Payment plugins section here
Joomla LMS Extension - Guru payment plugins

3. Certificate Reports

Guru LMS Joomla extension variety of features to give a complete LMS experience, in latest update we have added an additional tab for a teacher to see the student’s certificate reports. With this section, teachers can log in on frontned and view the students’ certificate reports.

Note: Teacher must have a course that uses certificates

guru 5.1.15 updates for strip payment plugin

Bug fixes

  • Stripe Payment: Disable the Checkout button to avoid error
  • Stripe Payment: Course still in the Cart event Payment done
  • Certificate: Get error when viewing details
  • Certificate: Some option of Course Information doesn’t work when student get the certificate
  • Backend: Payment link to the wrong plugin

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