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How to use Google adsense in Ad Agency : 5 simple steps

How to use Google Adsense in Ad Agency : 5 simple steps
Advertisement on Joomla websites plays an essential role for site owners to promote the content and earn money. Joomla advertisement extension: AD Agency helps to start generating income from your traffic by creating an advertising program! Ad Agency offers different features to place the Responsive Ads on site with various types of Banners, text ads, Affiliate Ads.
In this blog post, we will discuss how to use Google Adsense code in ad agency Affiliate ads.

Step 1: Create an account on Google Adsense Here

How to use Google adsense

Step 2: Configure the Google Adsense account to create your Ad Code.

How to use Google adsense

Step 3: Login to your Joomla site admin > components > Ad Agency to create new ads.

Ad Agency extension for Joomla

Step 4: Create New Ads with type Affiliate Ads > Add the Google Adsense code and assign the ad to a zone.

Ad Agency extension for Joomla

Step: 5 Configure and Publish the Zone to a module position to show the Google Adsense ads on your site.

Ad Agency extension for Joomla

Type of Ads you can use and customise

  • Multiple Ad types:
  • Banner Ad for graphic or affiliate codes
  • Popup Ad that shows on top of the loaded content
  • Textual Ad
  • Floating Ad, similar to Popup Ad, floats on top of the site content
  • Transitional Ad takes up entire page focus and requires to be closed before site can be used.

Ad Customization Options

  • The length of the ad headline
  • The length of the ad text
  • The size of the ad content image
  • Whether to show the ‘Create Ad’ link
  • Whether to show ‘Sponsored Stream’ information
  • The JomSocial Custom Profile Fields used to target ads
  • Whether to show ‘Target Audience Preview’ when advertisers create their JomSocial Stream Ads
  • The frequency with which JomSocial Stream Ads appear in the activity streams
  • Dedicated options to display mobile and desktop ads
  • And the Activity Streams on which to display the ads

Read The complete list of features offered by Ad agency Here

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