Joomla 4 new Front-end template Preview – cassiopeia template

Joomla 4 new template preview

The new Joomla generation – Joomla 4 introduced incredible new features, huge updates at core and totally new front-end and back-end template. In this blog post, we will focus on new front-end template of Joomla 4 – cassiopeia with more flexible layout system, bootstrap 4 integration, optimized codebase, new web technologies and more.

Let’s have preview on the new Joomla 4 template:

Bootstrap 4 integration

Joomla 4 new template – cassiopeia integrates Bootstrap 4 that is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework to help build responsive, mobile-first websites easier and faster.

Joomla 4 integrates Bootstrap 4

New look and feel

Joomla 4 new front-end looks comes with more modern and colorful style than any previous Joomla default front-end templates like Beez3, Protostar.

Joomla 4 new front-end template


Joomla 4 cassiopeia template is design to work better on responsive layouts : mobile, tablet and also have better performance thanks to the Bootstrap 4 integration, new web technologies and the codebase optimization.

Joomla 4 responsive template

Flexible layout structure (module positions)

The new Joomla 4 template has more flexible layout system than ever, it has more module positions based on 4 columns layout system that let user build layout their ways with ease and layout customization will be easier as well.

Joomla 4 flexible layout system

View Joomla 4 Template Layout Structure →

Template folder structure

Cassiopeia template folder structure is clear, easy to understand functionality of each folder that will help developer customize template.

Joomla 4 new template folder structure

Developed with SASS

SASS is very powerful CSS extensions designed to make CSS more maintainable, themeable, and extendable.

Joomla 4 new template preview

Module variations

With the purpose of helping user build website faster, Joomla 4 new front-end template supports variety of module variations.

Joomla 4 module variations

Optimized codebase

Joomla 4 focuses on coding quality, performance and ease of customization, therefore the new front-end template also has optimized and well structured codebase.

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