Favorite Elance New Way to Work entries

I admit it. I didn’t read the blog entries of the Elance’s competition The New Way to Work, who has the patience? But I did watch almost all the video entries and enjoyed most of them. Many videos popped up in the last minute (today, last day for submitting entries), was it because the competitors didn’t want anyone to steal their idea or maybe the deadline finally put some fire up their butts? Either way, here are some of my favorites:

Charles Chiu:

Great animated video with what sounds like a professional voice over talent.

Salma Jafri:

This mom found that she can make great money writing in English! Did I mention she is from Pakistan?


I like this entry because it explains some of the difficulties of working in a virtual environment with the solutions they’ve found.

Muhammad Ahmed

When it comes to working virtually, religion, political opinion, etc. don’t matter one bit. The only thing that matters is: can you do the job well, and on time?


Good story, very familiar. We all wear a lot of hats, don’t we?

Austin Evarts:

Austin is traveling the world while creating some exciting start-ups for thrill-seekers such as himself. A fantasy life? Not anymore. Today, this kind of lifestyle is a reality to many of us. I hope to see you somewhere around the world buddy!


Another last-minute video that looks great. I’m not sure what technique they have used to create the cartoon effect, but I like it!

And of course, I still think my own video rocks the most:

Merav Knafo:

The New Way to Work to me means: “Upgrade Your Life!”. I created this video using my iPhone with a couple of my friends, and as you can see, they really got into their characters!

What do you think? Who should win this competition? Did you read any of the blog entries or just watched the videos? Who is your favorite?

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