How to show only Status Updates on facebook home

Yes,  it took me way too long, but I’ve FINALLY figured out how to hide all the crap on facebook home, you know what I am referring to, right?

  • Who’s friends with whom
  • Who joined which group
  • Who commented on what
  • Etc.

It’s been very distracting to see all this instead of what I was really interested in:  my friends “status updates”. If this has been bugging you as well, here is how fix this issue:

  1. Go to facebook home (click the home tab on top).
  2. Under the logo, on the left you will see a list of things you see on the home page
  3. Under it you will see “more” link, click on that
  4. Find the “Status Updates” button and drag it all the way up so that it’s the first
  5. Click on it, make sure it’s highlighted ( it should be dark blue instead of light gray)
  6. Done. Now you will only see status updates of your friends

It puzzles me why facebook doesn’t make it easier for us to get our home page just the way we want it. They should have a way for us to check/uncheck all the features we want to see on the home page. The more we use an application, the more control we want over what we see/don’t see. Since Facebook Now Consumes 5 Percent of Our Collective Internet Time, such control, that’s also easy to understand, is very important.


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