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iSEO Survey Conclusions and Winners


A couple of months ago, I asked our iSEO customers a couple of simple questions:

  • What do you LOVE about iSEO?
  • How can we improve iSEO?

We received dozens of great responses. Here’s a summary, and our thoughts:

What Customers LOVE About iSEO:

Bartosz Machnik loved the meta tags manager:

“It’s simple, fast, efficient. It allows me to fill in data on one page and save a lot of time. It’s the strongest argument for ISeoPro for every big website.”

Daniel Baron loved the central organization:

“For example, with the metatags manager, it saves a great deal of time to not have to worry about putting in page titles, keywords, or descriptions in each item. It also helps me because I use ZOO on my websites.”

Dwight Layton loved having everything just where he needed it, and the help to improve his SEO:

“It can be so confusing to jump around inside Joomla and wonder, ‘Did I put in the meta tag titles, keywords and descriptions?’ With iSEO, I only have to look in one place to manage all of them. Plus, iSEO has taught me how to track my keywords, link my keywords and do redirects, which I neglected before. Best of all, iSEO has video tutorials to help the user set up each section in iSEO. Like all of the iJoomla products, the layout and functionality are very intuitive and easy to use.”

Bonnie Pelnar also loved the convenience:


“iSEO puts all the important necessities into one convenient place and makes it so easy to track performance and modify settings if needed. It looks at SEO from so many different angles that I had not thought about, or had been too busy to deal with before.”

We also had a number of quick, encouraging responses:

  • “Best SEO extension… not missing anything.”
  • “Everything is in one place.”
  • “Good interface and explanations.”
  • “The efficiency of seeing everything at once to manage pages easily.”
  • “The meta tags manager and the support and learning videos.”

What We Can Improve:

Bonnie Pelnar  has been struggling to get Google keyword tracking to work.

“Even when I have a site that is in the first or second position, I don’t see those numbers in the program.”

Google is making it harder to display position results because they show different things to different people based on location and other factors.

Dwight Layton would like to see more updates on integrating iSEO with current Web marketing techniques.

“I think this would be helpful and pertinent to keeping the product and the users up-to-date on web marketing.”

I’d say there are many resources out there for SEO and we should probably dedicate our resources to improving the software, but thanks for the idea.

Daniel Baron wanted an easier way to share his knowledge.

“It would be great if there were some front-end capabilities that I could teach clients to use without having to go into the administration.”

This idea has come up before. We will look into it again.

Bartosz Machnik wanted more keyword linking.

“It is a great idea to automatically build ‘in article; links but lack of functions destroys the effect. You should expand that module with:

  1. A way to restrict the number of links on one page. If I use dozen of keywords some articles are almost unreadable.
  2. A way to restrict the number of links on the whole website to control external linking.
  3. A way to give every keyword a priority to determine which keywords are linked on the page within a given limit
  4. Maybe some Google webmaster tool integrations to detect inbound links, a way to submit pages for index, etc.”

Bartosz makes some great points there, and we will look into all of them.

J.B.W. Hollander had some insights from WordPress.

“The best SEO-plugin for WordPress is, in my opinion, WordPress SEO from Yoast. They have their Meta Manager beneath the post where you can, in real time, fill out the SEO options. It gives you the green light if the text, title and keyword follow the Google standards. That’s one of the options I’d love to see in iSEO: making the SEO text with the original text above it means fewer clicks and more attention to good SEO content.”

We are familiar with this plugin and we will look into adding the textual analysis .

Dennis was thinking along the same lines:

“Real time keyword, title… proof if you write any text, with a score [indicating] how good the text performs in SEO sight. A connection to a tool like SEO Power Suite.”

Good idea! We will look into this for sure.

Alex Shelestov wanted more dynamic data:

“Such as Title: Welcome to <page uri> or PHP embed, $_GET() for example.”

This has been on our radar for a while. Keep an eye out for it.

Angela Sanders wanted a keyword database:

“A way to create a list of keywords that can be categorized and stored then inserted with a click of a button when you are creating new pages.”

This is an interesting idea. We’ll look into it.

Joel Widengren had his eyes on integrations:

“The automated integration with third parties, components, modules and plugins [ca] always improve due to a closer interaction with those providers. I also love your JomSocial product. I still think it´s the best on the market.”

Thanks, Joel. What can we improve in our third party integrations?

Samir Massioui just wanted more help:

“Better support.”

We recently got rid of our forum support and are using a much more reliable support system called HelpScout.

And Miran Martin wanted more explanations:

“In the software and on the buttons, for example.”

We will go over the backend interface to make sure it’s clear.


It looks like most of you are happy with iSEO, but there are some things that don’t work as planned or can be improved. You also had some great ideas for additional features that make total sense to add. We will be implementing some of them in the next version.


  • 1st place: All iJoomla products ($1044 value!) – Dwight Layton
  • 2nd place: Guru Pro ($299 value!) – Bonnie Pelnar
  • 3rd place: Socialize template ($99 value!) – Joel Widengren.

Thank you to all the participants and congratulations to the winners!



Merav Knafo is the founder and CEO of iJoomla, Inc. She loves writing about Joomla, usability and Social Networking.

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