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Drupal is doing it, WordPress is doing it, Amazon has been doing it for years, and now Joomla is doing it. They’re all doing Usability Testing — and no wonder. Usability Testing is probably the most underrated and overlooked method for improving the user experience of a site. It’s also the most powerful and the […]

The mysterious YouTube monkeys

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Maybe it’s mean, but  it’s comforting to know that even huge sites like YouTube —  sites that can afford the best servers, the smartest programmers, the sharpest QA people, the biggest coffee makers, etc. — can still have  serious errors once in a while. This is one that I ran into on the video site […]

Where Did my Web Developer Firefox Toolbar Go?

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If you happened to upgrade your Firefox recently, and you’ve been using the Web Developer Toolbar, you’ll have had a nasty surprise. The toolbar didn’t make it through the upgrade. That’s really bad news. For developers like me, the toolbar has been a huge timesaver. This is what it does: Reveals the CSS of any […]