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I’m constantly impressed with the beautiful sites our customers create with iJoomla News Portal. A few years ago, you’d have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a site that looks this professional. Today you can get it all for just $79.95! That’s what happens when you mix the power of an open source platform like Joomla with commercial extensions. Here are some of my favorite News Portal sites. I love the way the sites use the different zones. For example, a few use the module zones to display videos, banners, polls, etc. I also noticed a lot of people are using the new “Featured Articles” feature and the new JomComment feature.

Take a look and feel the inspiration!

  1. – One of the most professional websites I’ve seen for News Portal. These guys are obviously very talented designers and they make the most out of iJoomla News Portal.
  2. – A classic news site done extremely well. The tabs module on the right makes it appear even more sophisticated.
  3. – An original looking music site
  4. – The #1 SEO expert for Joomla is using iJoomla News Portal for their blog/news. They’ve integrated it nicely with the site’s design.
  5. – This hairstyle magazine found some very creative ways to use the Featured Articles zones and other modules. They are also using JoomlaWork’s FrontPage SlideShow to give everything a punch.
  6. – This site is using iJoomla News Portal not for news but to show their movie reviews in a more interesting layout. Great idea, no?
  7. – This site about Mixed Martial Arts used News Portal for news, and incorporates YouTube videos, Google AdSense and forum posts.
  8. – This site for seniors is just so pretty and well done. They’ve turned it into a magazine with great articles beautifully displayed.
  9. – A great soccer site. They’ve used many of the module positions and do a fantastic job.
  10. – A cute site about everything related to Asia. They are not using News Portal for news, but as an interesting way to display their content.
If you want to see a longer list of clients, click here and then on the Clients tab. Don’t have iJoomla News Portal yet? Purchase it here. What’s your favorite News Portal site? Post it below.

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