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Try iJoomla Products for up to 70% Off!

If you’ve been wanting to buy our products but didn’t have the budget, we’ve come up with a new pricing model that I think you’ll find interesting.

Up to 70% off savings

If you just want to try the product, without committing to a whole year’s subscription, now you can simply get the product for up to 70% off!

Sounds good, right?

How were we able to get the prices down so low?

The main issue with selling products for a low price is support and development. They’re not cheap. Our team of developers are all full-time professionals who do this for a living. The expense is significant. Take away support and upgrades for people who don’t need them though, and the price can go right down.

So we came up with three easy plans:

1. “Try it out!” Plan

This is a great plan for those who want to simply try the product without a big initial investment. This plan is highly discounted (up to 70% off original price but comes with no VIP support). You can download the product once and the subscription expires. You won’t get upgrades after that first download, but you can always renew your subscription later to get more updates and VIP support.

2. “Standard” Plan

This plan gives you two downloads: the original download and one extra upgrade. Before you upgrade you can look at the change log to see what’s new and decide if you wish to upgrade now or wait for a later version.

3. “Pro” Plan

This is the best value plan. You get access to our VIP support, plus a full six months of unlimited downloads or upgrades. If you’d like access to our developers for support—or if you like to keep your extensions always up to date—this is the right plan for you.

Note: our one-year plan is also available on the shopping cart when checking out, for those who want it.

Pay Only for the Support You Need

With this new pricing model, you can pay less if you don’t need access to higher level of support. So what is the difference between VIP Support and Forum Support?

VIP Support (Ticketing System):

VIP Support gives you access to the product developers who can:

  • Login to your website to identify issues and fix them;
  • Correct minor design and compatibility issues;
  • Address any other issues.

Forum Support:

Forum Support lets you:

  • Ask “How to…” questions;
  • Get advice about the best way to use the product;
  • Ask any other questions that don’t require logging in to your website.

Note: Developers do not access the forum to answer questions. They only give support via our VIP Support ticketing system.

Sounds interesting?

Check out these discounted rates:

  • Guru – Starting at $97 for the “Try it Out” plan
  • Publisher – Starting at $77 for the “Try it Out” plan
  • iJoomla SEO – Starting at $47 for the “Try it Out” plan
  • iJoomla DigiStore – Starting at $47 for the “Try it Out” plan
  • iJoomla Ad Agency – Starting at $47 for the “Try it Out” plan
  • iJoomla Surveys – Starting at $37 for the “Try it Out” plan
  • iJoomla SideBars – Starting at $37 for the “Try it Out” plan

Let’s try it out!

This is definitely a big change for us and we are giving it a try for a few months. If it works well and customers like it, we’ll keep it. If not, we’ll revert back to the old model so grab your product while the prices last.

What about Joomla 3.x?

We are currently working on converting two products to Joomla 3.x, including full bootstrap and responsive design:

Once these two are released, we’ll move on to:

  • Publisher
  • iJoomla SEO
  • DigiStore


  • iJoomla Surveys
  • iJoomla SideBars

Converting to Joomla 3.x is not easy or fast! It will take us some time but we will get it done, just like we did the migration from 1.x to 1.5 and then from 1.5 to 2.5. Hopefully, this will be the last big migration we’ll ever have to do.

Here are some screen captures from Guru:

Guru responsive design

Integrations with JomSocial


You probably already know that we took over the JomSocial project at the beginning of the year. This has been quite an undertaking and lots of fun. You can read what we’ve been doing on the JomSocial blog.

Since JomSocial is now one of our products, you will be seeing much tighter integrations with our other products, specifically Guru and possibly Publisher. Ad Agency is already fully integrated. What other integration ideas do you have? Post them on our blog. We’d love to hear them.

This is it for this update. Thanks for being a great subscriber and talk to you again soon.

Comments? Please post them on below, I’d love to read them!

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Merav Knafo

Merav Knafo is the founder and CEO of iJoomla, Inc. She loves writing about Joomla, usability and Social Networking.

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    Marty Arieli


    #1 Joomla developer! Great products with amazingly low cost …


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    When will SEO be available for 3.0?
    Will the current version work on 3.0.

    thank you


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      Merav Knafo


      We are currently testing the Joomla 3 version, when we are done, we will release it 🙂 The current version will not work on Joomla 3