Top 10 Coolest Extensions for Joomla

Joomla has over 3,000 extensions. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are
useful. Some you’ll never use. And some are cooler than a polar bear in
sunglasses. These are the ten extensions that I think are the neatest.

iJoomla SideBars

– My favorite iJoomla product. Okay, I admit it. I’m biased. But I still love it. It’s so easy to use and very, very helpful. I put it on every site I create. I can toss videos into my articles, RSS feeds, modules, and anything else I want. You can read more about it here, view demo here or buy it here. We recently released a new version with TONS of new features like round sidebars, automatic sidebars and more.

JP Lightbox

JP Lightbox is the easiest and most painless way to put an image gallery right inside your content items. With just a simple mambot you’ll be able to add a tag with the image’s location. Open one image, and you’ll be able to scroll backwards and forwards without having to close the window. You can see it in action here or buy it here.

Jos Replace

– I wish I’d thought of this one first — it’s such a great idea. Jos Replace swaps one string with another, like Search & Replace in Word. But it works right across your website, saving you hours of hunting and searching. And you can create autotext as well. If there’s a long word or phrase that you keep repeating, with Jos Replace, you can create a shortcut and type in shorthand. That’s all good news, but there’s more. There are tons of other ways to use this extension, and best of all, it’s free. Download it here.

JP Filmstrip

– This little module puts scrolling images on your site, just like a little film. Just specify the images you want to use and make sure they’re the same size. You can also link the image to a URL. Check it out on on the left side under “featured clients”. You can find more information here and buy it here.

Mos Snippet

– Adding code to your content is a problem. Even if it parses properly — and often it won’t — it’s still a poor idea and a bad practice to put code inside your content item. The solution is a little gem mambot called “Mos Snippet.” Enter up to 30 pieces of codes, give them a name like “code1,” then add the mambot tag to your content item, like this: {snippet code1}. That’s it! Your content items stay clean and you get to use the code! It’s free and you can download it here.

Tabs & Slides

– If you’re looking for a way to squeeze a lot of content into a small area then you should check out Tabs & Slides from This little gem creates a tab right inside your content items. Very cool… and free too! Download here.

Slick RSS

Slick RSS lets you show RSS feeds in any module position. So far, so normal. Here’s the cool bit. This RSS feed module has a preview feature and even lets you set the colors of the preview window and the fonts! I use it all the time and I love it. More info and download here, see it in action here.

Custom Quick Icons

– This admin module lets you show icons with links to different sections of your admin interface. If you have a lot of components, some of which you can’t access easily, it’s a lifesaver. We’ve used this module on our demo site; you can login to see it here and download it here.

FrontPage SlideShow

– Looking to give your site a really special slick look? FrontPage SlideShow has a bunch of neat templates and the results are stunning. You can see a demo here and you can buy it here.

Mini Front Page

– This corky little module lets you display content items inside the module with an interesting and flexible layout. It’s really just another way to display your content but it’s too cool to leave off the list. You can download it here.

So that’s my top 10 “coolest extensions” list. What’s yours? Add yours here.




Merav Knafo is the founder and CEO of iJoomla, Inc. She loves writing about Joomla, usability and Social Networking.

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