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iJoomla has gone GPL!

GPL Yes, it’s true!

Due to popular demand, we’ve switched our license to GPL.

This is a big move for us, and we’re very excited about it. We made the announcement last weekend at the Joomla Day West event. You can read an interview with me about the move on the Joomla.org blog site and learn more about our license here.

And a New Business Model!

A new license means a new business model, and it’s something we’ve been working on for a while. Back in May we changed our site’s terms and FAQ to reflect the subscription plan, and stopped encrypting our extensions then too.

That was the first step we took in the direction of the new GPL/Subscription model. We’ve been working hard since then to catch up on the technology we need to make everything compatible. We’re still not quite there, but within a couple of months or so, we should be.

At that point you’ll be able to expect:

  • No more ionCube! We hated ionCube as much as you did. It’s good to see that one go!
  • Extensions can be installed on more than one domain. Support, including forums and email, will be limited to the registered domain.
  • A one-year plans. Initially, only annual plans will be available. You’ll be able to download upgrades and receive support for the registered domain. Once the subscription expires, you’ll need to renew to continue downloading upgrades and receive support. In the near future, we hope to offer more subscription plans, including semi-annual and life licenses.
  • All licenses purchased after May 11, 2010 are governed by the one-year subscription plan. All licenses purchased before May 11, 2010 will continue to receive “free upgrades for life,” as promised.

Merav Knafo

Merav Knafo is the founder and CEO of iJoomla, Inc. She loves writing about Joomla, usability and Social Networking.

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