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Merav Knafo is the founder and CEO of iJoomla, Inc. She loves writing about Joomla, usability and Social Networking.

iJoomla SEO now supports Zoo and WordPress

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We’ve just released iJoomla SEO version 1.1.0 and many of the improvements it contains are down to you. As you know, we monitor user suggestions on our forum very closely and tackle a different extension each time. The latest version of iJoomla SEO is packed with suggestions raised by users:
  • Choose your Google site. Now you can choose the Google site you use to monitor keywords. Just go to the settings page and replace the .com extension with any other Google extension.
  • Extensions metatags sync. Previous versions of iJoomla SEO retained different metatag entries in supported extensions. Now those entries sync. When you upgrade, you will be asked to choose the metatags you want to keep.
  • Categories for internal links and redirects. Now that you can place the internal links and redirects in different categories, we’ve also added a search box and a filter by category.
  • More supported extensions. By popular demand, we’ve added support to more extensions, including Zoo by YooJoomla and WordPress by corePHP.
As always, your upgrades are free! So get your copy now and enjoy these great new features!

The new features of iJoomla SEO version 1.1.0

How to upgrade iJoomla SEO

  1. Download iJoomla SEO
  2. No need to unzip the file
  3. No need to uninstall previous version
  4. Go to extensions->install/uninstall and install the zip file there

Don’t have iJoomla SEO yet? Buy it here

How to add metatags to VirtueMart using iJoomla SEO

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Because so many Joomla users use VirtueMart as their shopping cart, and because VirtueMart has no easy way to control metatags, one frequent request that we received was to support the extension on iJoomla SEO. So we did it. The latest version of iJoomla SEO allows you to manage all your VirtueMart metatags in one place. You’ll be able to:
  • Add/edit title, keyword and description metatags on both categories and products;
  • Quickly generate new description metatags;
  • Populate title and keyword metatags in a snap;
  • Monitor your keywords on Google.
And it’s all so easy! Take a look at the video below that explains how to add metatags to VirtueMart using iJoomla SEO. Even if you’re using VirtueMart, iJoomla SEO is still the SEO solution you’ve been waiting for. You’ll be able to cut 95% of your SEO time and head to the beach instead. (Unless, of course, you’d rather spend the summer playing with metatags…) Do you use VirtueMart? And if yes, how do you currently manage your metatags?

How to add metatags to VirtueMart

(my apologies for the audio not syncing with video towards the end)

iJoomla Ad Agency – Upcoming Features – Part 2

Written by Merav Knafo on . Posted in iJoomla Extensions

iJoomla Ad Agency version 1.6.7 comes packed with new features and usability enhancements. We’ve covered many of them in iJoomla Ad Agency – Upcoming Features – Part I So here are the rest of the features that are available for this release: Wizard
  • Allow advertisers to join, add banners and add campaigns all in one session
  • Unapproved advertisers can now add banners/campaigns (optional)

About the registration wizard

Pending status
  • Pending status added to advertisers/ads/campaigns
  • Items that are not set to approve automatically are placed in pending status first
  • On front-end, advertisers can see the status of their ads/campaigns
Adding ads
  • Removed file path from front end
  • Remove image selector
  • Text ad preview
  • Ads manager sort by last added
  • All files uploaded are now CHMOD to 644
  • Advertisers can now select their time/date format
  • Reports looks improved, calendar added
  • Now packages are combined with campaigns
  • Added default advertiser, campaign, ads, zones to new installation for fast start
  • PayPal plugin installed automatically
  • New email templates
  • Before declining/approving an advertiser/ad/campaign, the admin is being asked whether they want to send an email notification about that
  • On general tab now you can set the time format for reports/campaigns, etc.
  • Limit impression count for a banner per ip to x impressions per day
  • After buying/adding a campaign, choose where to send the advertiser
  • Creating menu items to different Ad Agency pages is now easy and working
  • Menu module – select between a static item ID and a dynamic item ID
Third party integration
  • Works now with community builder without a problem
  • Added 2 zones for iJoomla Magazine
  • Full support to sh404, plugin is included in package
When is it out? We hope to release it by the end of this week so stay tuned to our newsletter! BUY IT NOW >>

The new iJoomla Magazine is here!

Written by Merav Knafo on . Posted in iJoomla Extensions

After months of work and after pretty much re-writing the entire component, its modules and plugin, iJoomla Magazine version 4.0 is here. We know you’re going to love it. It’s better, more advanced and takes the original Magazine to a whole new level. And we may well have you to thank for that. Many of the component’s new features were suggested by our users. You now get:
  • Unlimited article zones;
  • Module zones;
  • Mini articles;
  • Automatic image resizing;
  • Advanced author profiles;
  • Improved sidebars functionality;
And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also re-created all our modules, including:
  • New authors module, with image, recent articles and bio;
  • New upcoming and current articles with thumbnails and intro text;
  • New featured article with image resizing and intro text control;
  • New style magazine menu with a drop-down option.
Here’s a video that summarizes all the latest changes: [vimeo][/vimeo] There is really is no other solution for creating a professional magazine for Joomla.

Upgrading iJoomla Magazine? Read This:

We spent a lot of time making sure your upgrade process is easy and bug-free but there are some legacy issues that you need to be aware of. Do make sure you watch this video before you upgrade. If you are currently not using iJoomla Magazine, but have installed it before on your site, we recommend that you completely remove all iJoomla Magazine tables and do a fresh install. (If you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry about it, it will still work great! A fresh install will just be cleaner.) [vimeo][/vimeo]

Highlights of the CMS Expo – iJoomla Wins and more…

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Winning the Best App Developer

Winning the Best App Developer for Joomla!

The CMS Expo in Chicago was amazing. It’s always amazing but this year was really special: iJoomla won the award for “Best App Developer for Joomla”! That’s a fantastic feeling and it really is great to be acknowledged. We owe a big thanks to everyone in the Joomla community and especially to our customers who keep sending us their ideas for improvements. Winning an award is inspiring but nothing pushes us harder than seeing what you’re doing with our products. And it was also great to see our friends at JomSocial taking home the prize for “Best Joomla App.” Not unexpected but totally deserved! How I almost won an iPad Joomla hosting service, Rochen, created a major buzz at the Expo by giving away an iPad for the best picture of a penguin. They have a penguin on their logo and they’re quite keen on the little birds. Participants had to take a picture of the penguin somewhere at the CMS Expo. The results were very entertaining. During a networking evening that included a lot of drinks, I was able to gather the nerve to ask Drupal founder Dries if he would allow me to take a picture of him holding a sign saying “Joomla Rocks” with the penguin in the picture. As I told someone, I’ve wanted an iPad all my life. The result is shown here, and it created its own buzz among the Joomla community.
Dries Buytaert - Joomla Rocks!

Dries Buytaert - Joomla Rocks!

My entry got the most votes but didn’t win. The final decision was made by Ryan Ozimek, President of OSM, who chose a photo of a penguin eating sushi. Like penguins know how to use chopsticks! But it was a cute picture, and a really fun competition.
Penguines can't use chopsticks!

The winning penguin

Usability Testing  can be fun! On Monday, I gave a presentation about Usability Testing, which went pretty well except for a few technology hiccups. And the following day, I put on a Usability Testing workshop. We tested four different sites, with one of the participants acting as either the tester or the facilitator in each round. The sites tested belonged to the participants and were chosen randomly. The workshop was very enjoyable and everybody participated. We learned, laughed, learned some more, had a great time — and made the sites better too, I hope.
Usability Testing Workshop

Usability Testing Workshop

You can see a video of the test we ran on in the video below. There were some very surprising findings in this test, and the JomSocial team are already putting them straight. A new template framework I also had the pleasure of meeting Cory Webb, the author of “Beginthemeablesning Joomla! Web Site Development.” He’s working on a very cool template framework called motif, and he gave me a little demo that was very impressive. You can see it here: RocketTheme RTL feature makes a difference to RTL devs And I had a chance to talk to Andy Miller from His Gantry framework has full RTL support and a ton of other neat features. It has been a very much needed feature for all the RTL developers out there. JoomlaShack has a new king JoomlaShacks‘ new owner Eddie Tabush, a business man to the core, brought the entire JoomlaShack team with him. It was great to see them contemplating new ways for world domination, keeping the legacy left by Barrie North alive. A reservations system that works on any CMS? Rob Lock from, is coming out with a new version of their reservation system. It looks really amazing, with drag and drop layouts and more. They’ve spent a lot of time creating a framework that allows this system to work on any CMS, not just Joomla. Currently it works on both Joomla and Drupal and more to come. The anti-framework template club The team from JoomlaPraise was there too. They’re committed to being the anti-framework template club with templates that are beautiful and simple. I salute them for not following trends and doing what they do best: creating simple and elegant templates. The CMS Expo was a well organized by John and Linda Coonen, and I thank them for pulling off yet another successful event. I hope to see you there next year!

iJoomla Ad Agency – Upcoming Features – Part I

Written by Merav Knafo on . Posted in iJoomla Extensions

As promised, we’ve started working on another round of changes for iJoomla Ad Agency, based mostly on your suggestions on our forum. This video summarizes the features we’ve added so far. The harder features to add like Geo Targeting and subscriptions are next on our list, so stay tuned to part II. Zones:
  • Add a duplicate button to copy a zone easily
  • Added an apply button on the zone edit page
  • Now allowing you to show ads based on keywords
  • Now you can set a default ad for a zone, in case there are no ads available
  • Rotating banners now work on more than one zone at a time
Email Templates:
  • Drop down of all email templates instead of a long list of templates
  • Variables of each template are on top
  • Accept/Decline links, that allow you to accept decline advertisers/ads/campaigns by clicking on the email
  • More variables for each email, such as advertiser name, phone number, etc.
  • Preview link for banner email
Auto Approvals:
  • New tabs for auto approvals,
  • Choose to auto-approve advertisers/ads/campaigns
  • Preview of ads that you can include in this campaign
  • A new screen before registration to allow existing users to login first
  • Better control of which fields to show on the front-end, and which should be mandatory
  • Captcha refresh button
  • Registration wizard to allow advertisers to add ads/campaigns right after the registration (not done yet)
Ads Manager:
  • Re-Order ads
  • Search by ID
  • Allow to hide a free package after it has been used by the advertiser
Adding ads on front-end
  • Replaced adding ads links with one buttons
  • A nice visual with icons and descriptions of the different ad types
  • Ad Code is now called “Affiliate”
I hope you like these new changes! We will post more information in part II.

iJoomla Magazine – The Next Generation is almost here!

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mag_offA favorite for more than four years,  iJoomla Magazine is our oldest extension. Now we’re giving it a major facelift. We’ve added a bunch of features and improved the functionality. Here’s a video that shows what’s new: Included in this version:
  • Unlimited zones.
  • Module zones.
  • Improved authors profiles and module.
  • Automatic image resizing.
  • And much more!
We’re currently testing iJoomla Magazine to assure it’s stable and ready to be released. It should take just a couple more weeks to finish the testing and the documentation, so stay tuned!

CMS Expo – Say Hello and Win a Free Extension!

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CMS Expo Speaker BadgeThe amazing CMS Expo is fast approaching, and all the best developers and speakers will be attending. Don’t miss it! It’s in beautiful Chicago, it’s going to be lots of fun, and you’ll get to hang out with other Joomla users and many Joomla developers too… including me (but come anyway.) You’ll get to learn the latest tricks about how to be a super Joomla user and even how to make more money from your website. Check out this great list of presenters and the schedule. I will be giving a presentation at the Expo about Maximum ROI With Proven Usability Techniques. Find out how you can DOUBLE your income easily by performing usability testing and spending close to 0 dollars! Get a free extension for just saying hello! I really want to get to know you personally so if at any time during the expo, you come and say hello to me, I will give you, on the spot, a license to any of our extensions FREE. That’s a value of $70-$100! You’ll be able to pick up iJoomla SEO, iJoomla Ad Agency, iJoomla SideBars, or any one of our great products. Just for saying hi. Print out this page and bring it with you! CMS Expo Learning Conference May 3rd, 4th & 5th | Hotel Orrington Evanston, Illinois USA

Where Did my Web Developer Firefox Toolbar Go?

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If you happened to upgrade your Firefox recently, and you’ve been using the Web Developer Toolbar, you’ll have had a nasty surprise. The toolbar didn’t make it through the upgrade. That’s really bad news. For developers like me, the toolbar has been a huge timesaver. This is what it does:
  • Reveals the CSS of any web page. Click anything on the page and you can see the CSS behind it. That’s extremely useful if you need to make changes to the CSS and don’t want to waste time plowing through the code. The toolbar shows you the CSS file name, the row and the code itself.
  • Displays your form password. I do recommend you use Splash ID to web_developer_toolbarstore your password information but the toolbar has been great for those of us with memories like sieves.
  • Shows locations of any images on the page. So no searching if you need to replace an image or modify it – like your Joomla template’s logo, for example.
  • Displays the source code of a specific element on the page.
  • Shows the cookies so that you can edit them.
  • Lets you disable different elements on the page including CSS, JavaScript and many others.
  • And a whole lot more!
So when I saw that my Web Developer toolbar was missing, I was less than happy! The weird thing was that I could see it on my list of add-ons. When I went to Tools-> Add-Ons in the top menu, there it was. I uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing helped. So I searched on Google… and found that I could access the toolbar by going to Tools->Web Developer. But now instead of having to click twice, I have to click four times! That’s not very user-friendly. The good news is that this issue can easily be fixed.rightclick Here’s how you fix it:
  1. Right-click anywhere Firefox top area.customize
  2. Choose “customize.”
  3. Click “Restore Default Set.”
  4. Choose “Show Icons & Text”  (That’s the settings I use because it’s easier to both read and see the icon; you might prefer just icons).
  1. Right-click anywhere Firefox top area.
  2. Select Web Developer from the drop down menu to check it
And that’s it! Your Web Developer Toolbar will be back where it belongs. Well…at least until the next Firefox upgrade.